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Yoga is a great way to de-stress, become stronger and more flexible, and to stretch muscles. However, yoga still has a strong association with femininity: fewer than 20% of yoga class participants are male, according to Yoga Journal’s 2012 statistics.

It’s a shame more men aren’t realizing the benefits of this powerful exercise regimen. Read on to discover why adding yoga to your usual workout is a great idea.

Flexibility & Strength

Yoga is not easy. It’s a challenging workout that works muscles most men don’t target. Men have lower flexibility than women in general, and yoga is a great way to start becoming more flexible.

Don’t be discouraged at the beginning–everyone has to start somewhere. The only way to become stronger and more flexible through yoga is to do it consistently.


Switching up your routine is always a great idea for working different muscle groups and preventing stiffness and injury. Yoga can help you gain overall strength and help you focus on your workouts and your life. Many men focus on only traditional upper body workouts, which can lead to tight muscles and very little lower body strength. Yoga can also help balance out an overly focused upper body workout routine.


Though men make up such a small percentage of nationwide yoga participants, some studios are starting to offer “broga”, or yoga classes for men. These classes are all or nearly all made up of men, and it’s a place more men feel comfortable building up flexibility and learning the poses.

Many men feel less self-conscious when the class is not made up of mostly women. If you’re more comfortable starting out on your own, here are some basic poses to put you on the right track:

Are Your Pecs Still Not Toned?

If you’re having trouble shaping and toning your pecs through traditional exercises, you may be suffering from a condition known as “gynecomastia” or male breast enlargement. True gynecomastia will not go away with exercise, and must be treated surgically.

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