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In a recent article in Cosmetic Surgery Times, Dr. Jason Emer explained that he is now using 4D photography and/or video footage to help his patients understand what their treatment plan looks like.

The video footage taken prior to surgery shows his patient, a 34 year old male, lifting and lowering his arms and flexing his chest muscles. Here’s more about how these types of videos can assist in the gynecomastia treatment process.

Video Helps to Pinpoint Treatment Areas

This type of movement clearly illustrates to the patient and doctor what specific changes need to be made to the contour of the patient’s chest in order to produce the more masculine results they are looking to achieve.

The video movements allow both doctor and patient to see excess fat in the breast “cup” area, which is made up of excess fatty tissue. This treatment is for patients who have a diagnosed case of gynecomastia, not for patients who simply have too much body fat.

Also shown in the video is the nipple area, shown as puffier than normal, and protruding slightly from the chest wall. In gynecomastia, the breast glands can swell and grow excess tissue, which must then be removed.

Treatment for Gynecomastia

Male breast reduction surgery is not complicated, but it does require a surgeon with specific skills and experience in treating the condition.

Patients should seek out a cosmetic or plastic surgeon with many years of experience and equal numbers of happy patients. Most surgeons perform this procedure using IV sedation and local anesthetic.

Fatty tissue: This type of tissue closely resembles body fat, but is concentrated in the breast area, giving the male patient a more feminine breast shape in appearance.

Fat is removed from the breasts using tumescent or laser liposuction to produce a normal amount of fat in the breasts.

Breast gland tissue: This tissue is located just under the nipples and is firmer than fatty tissue. Once it grows, it is solid tissue, often times causing the nipple to protrude and causing the patient irritation due to nipples rubbing up against clothing.

Breast glands are removed by the surgeon using manual excision, or with a skilled hand and scalpel.

Post-Op Gynecomastia Treatment

A surgical garment must be worn exactly as directed by your plastic surgeon in order to get the best post-operative results. Massage, ice, and heat are not recommended after surgery.

Moving around often helps reduce swelling and increases circulation of blood to the surgical sites, thus speeding recovery and healing. Your doctor will advise you on when it is safe to resume bodybuilding or strenuous activities once again.

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