There is a lot of mystery and confusion surrounding gynecomastia. This condition that plagues over 15 million men in the United States alone is almost completely overlooked or misunderstood. For the men who do have gynecomastia, these consequences can lead to alienation and even depression.

There is absolutely no reason for this. There are many success stories but there are also many men who suffer from this condition and don’t know why.

Gynecomastia by Definition

Gynecomastia is defined as the benign enlargement of breast tissue in males. It is medically caused by an overproduction of estrogen in the male body. The causes of this hormone imbalance are various but many times, men with gynecomastia did nothing to bring it onto themselves.

The Struggle of Gynecomastia

In this society, a man with breasts can be considered to be undesirable, feminine, or even a freak. It’s easy to believe these accusations when there are so many images and ideals of perfection streamlined into the public mind.

understanding gynecomastia causes and treatmentThese images are fed to us through our televisions, the movies we watch, and the people we respect who have also been influenced by these avenues of media. This is not ideal for people who do not fit into the mold that society has cast. It’s ironic too, because it’s a widely known fact of life that “nobody is perfect”.

At any rate, these prejudices exist, and it’s not like men want to keep their breasts. Honestly, any man would cringe at the thought of having to live with breasts. That insecurity and confusion of identity, especially in adolescents, is enough on its own to make them ashamed and desperately want to correct the situation.

The fact that most people don’t even know what gynecomastia is, doesn’t help the cause. People can be cruel and unforgiving to anyone who differs from the image of perfection that we all seem to hold in such high esteem.

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