There are many causes of gynecomastia, including steroids, illegal substances, puberty, obesity and hormonal imbalances. A lot of products that also increase testosterone are linked to gynecomastia.

Tribulus terrestris is an herb that is used as a nutritional supplement by men to enhance testosterone production, improve sexual function, and enable better muscle recovery and exercise performance. Despite the numerous benefits of this herb, it is possible that it can cause gynecomastia symptoms.

tribulus-terrestris-man-boobs2Tribulus and Testosterone

This herb has been known to increase testosterone levels. In a 2007 study published by the Official Journal of the Brazilian Society of Urology, serum testosterone levels increased in rats that were exposed to the herb.

Testosterone and Gynecomastia

Despite the conflicting views on tribulus and gynecomastia symptoms, an increase in testosterone can lead to excessive male breast growth. This is because any type of hormonal imbalance, including elevated testosterone levels, will be make your body produce more estrogen as well, resulting in man boobs.

If you are thinking about taking tribulus terrestris supplements, discuss possible side effects with your doctor, including gynecomastia.

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