Tips for a Successful Gynecomastia Surgery Consultation

Gynecomastia is a syndrome that involves the overdevelopment of breast tissue in men. This can be an extremely embarrassing and shameful disorder.

There are numerous causes of gynecomastia, including the use of steroids and prescription medications. Many patients decide to undergo gynecomastia surgery in order to fix the problem.

Before you go under the knife however, it is important to make a consultation with our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team, in order to find out if it is right for you. Here is what to expect at your male breast reduction surgery consultation.

Medical History Review

Our Gynecomastia New York City and Gynecomastia Long Island Surgeon Offers Surgery Consultation Tips gynecomastia new york city, gynecomastia long islandThe first thing our team will do is to go over your medical history. You will discuss any prior medical procedures or existing conditions you have. You will also provide us with a thorough list of medical issues in your family.

This will help the surgeons decide if you are a good candidate for the procedure. They want to make sure you are overall physically healthy as well as mentally prepared to have this surgery.

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team will also discuss how the gynecomastia procedure can help address your specific goals and how it can improve the overall quality of your life.

In our gynecomastia New York City and NY offices, our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team wants you to feel as comfortable as possible, so we will work one-on-one with you to answer any concerns or questions you may have.

Schedule a Free Consultation at our Gynecomastia New York City Centers

If you have any questions at all regarding the surgery, now is the time to ask them. Part of the consultation is providing you with all of the necessary information to help you decide if gynecomastia surgery is the right choice for you.

Do not hesitate asking questions. Our doctors are knowledgeable medical professionals who want to help you make an educated and informed decision. Male breast reduction surgery is a big decision and your consultation with our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team is the first step down the road to a better quality of life. It is important to discuss everything you are thinking and feeling with your surgeon so they know how to provide you with the best surgery plan.

If you are ready to change your life, pick up the phone call our gynecomastia New York City (212.206.0023) or gynecomastia NY (631.499.1831) offices today.