In recent months, the issue of how to get rid of man boobs has procured some news coverage.  In April, Barney’s creative ambassador, Simon Doonan, launched his media campaign to promote his new book “Gay Men Don’t Get Fat”, appearing on the late night talk show Conan on one occasion.

Our Gynecomastia Surgery New York and Gynecomastia Surgery NYC Surgeons Weigh in on Simon Doonan’s Man Boobs Rant. Get rid of man boobs now!On this particular show, Doonan insisted that we are experiencing a “horrible epidemic of man boobs”.  Indeed, while the humorist is correct in his statement about an obesity epidemic in men, his remarks are more hurtful for men actually suffering from this hormonal imbalance-based condition than funny in any way, shape, or form.

The men we see in our gynecomastia surgery practices certainly do not fit into the statistic that Doonan would have us believe.

They Really Don’t Care About How to Get Rid of Man Boobs

Doonan, who began his career as a window dresser for Barney’s several decades ago, approaches his one-man campaign against man boobs with a very closed-minded philosophy, it would seem, stating,

A lot of straight dudes, they don’t really care, they’re, like, farting and watching TV, they don’t care about their man boobs. We need to make them care and explain to them, these, girls, right, they are unacceptable, am I right?

No, Mr. Doonan, you couldn’t be more off-base.

Or Do They Care?

Of the hundreds of men we see in our gynecomastia surgery New York facilities each year, relatively few fit into the category of obese.  While it is true that obesity can play a role in the development of excess breast tissue, there is a high incidence in our patients of whom are of good physical fitness.

Regardless of fitness level, here’s what they all have in common: they want to get rid of man boobs once and for all.

Gynecomastia, the development of female-like breasts, is a condition that may occur in a man at a number of life stages.  Sometimes, newborn males will have small nodules or puffy-looking breasts, a condition linked to the mother’s estrogen.

The adolescent male, as his body morphs into that of a full-grown man, undergoes tremendous hormonal changes that may result in the development of breasts.  Medications, steroids, and andropause (yes, male menopause) may also cause a man to see his body changing in undesirable ways.

Do these men seem as though they might spend their days sitting on the couch, watching television and simply not caring?

We don’t think so.

Get Rid of Man Boobs in our Gynecomastia Surgery New York Centers

Fortunately, over the years, some doctors have begun to understand that man boobs, although not detrimental to physical health, are quite effective at bringing about immense turmoil for the male patient.

We understand as well that Mr. Doonan’s book is not intended to harm straight or homosexual men with gynecomastia, but to provide entertainment.

In our gynecomastia surgery New York practices, we consult with patients in order to help them see they are at no fault in their condition.  Through a gynecomastia surgery procedure they can get rid of man boobs today…never to return again.

Every man wants to feel good about his body.  Man boobs or not, he does care, and wishes for a solution to this confidence-stealing condition.

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