Talk to parents and friends about gynecomastia. Treatment is available in our gynecomastia Long Island and gynecomastia New York City centers.Living with gynecomastia is something that far too many men do in private.  This private suffering can go on for decades, but it doesn’t have to.  Because treatment is available in our gynecomastia Long Island and New York City centers, men in our area can find the total confidence that they have been lacking due to the appearance of man boobs.

Suffering with Gynecomastia? You’re Not Alone!

It is a pivotal point for the gynecomastia patient when he discovers he is not alone in his suffering.  Looking at the forums on the Internet, one can easily find hundreds of stories shared by men who are beginning to find a voice.  One man shares about his experiences as a teen, when he would tape down his nipples with masking tape in order to hide their protrusion under his shirt.

While this was helpful during school, the youth still avoided social situations where his shirt might be removed, such as pool parties or days at the beach.

Sharing your Experiences

A common theme seen amongst men is the reluctance to share their experiences with their doctor.  Because many of our patients began to see the appearance of man boobs in their early years, there was far greater suffering going on than necessary.  Although talking to your doctor, loved ones, parents, or friends about this condition may be extremely difficult it can be the first step towards receiving the necessary treatment in order to regain confidence.

Teen’s Unique Situations

Young men, especially, have a hard time dealing with gynecomastia.  Teens do not understand this condition and lack the empathy to give the gynecomastia patient the understanding and support he really needs.  Because gynecomastia may not be fully understood by general medical doctors, it may quickly be written off as excess weight.

We can tell you from what we have witnessed time and time again in our own gynecomastia New York City & Long Island patients that the condition can be present just as easily in a man who is otherwise fit as in a man who may be a bit over his ideal body weight.

Getting the Help you Need

What is most important is that young men open themselves up to those who can help them get the treatment they so desperately need.  Although many doctors may tell a patient that he needs to lose weight or work out to develop chest muscles, scientific evidence proves that this is not the case for the true gynecomastia patient.

Men who have dealt with man boobs have reported a feeling of hopelessness, a loss of motivation; some even lose their will to live due to the immense social and emotional discomfort that goes along with gynecomastia.  As soon as possible, men should talk with those closest to them and let them into their suffering.

Teens, especially, need to tell their parents what they go through on a regular basis and show them information they find on gynecomastia.  Working as a team with parents or loved ones, the gynecomastia patient can escape from the suffering and move on to a more confidence state of mind.

We have gynecomastia New York City and Long Island centers near you.  Contact us for your free gynecomastia consultation and move forward to a happier life!