Whenever we sit with a patient to discuss treatment in our gynecomastia NYC or Long Island centers, our primary goal is to devise the best surgical plan and recovery process.  Understandably, the patient is most excited about the final results.  However, it is through a well-planned recovery process that he will get to see the results he will truly be happy with.

Plan for a Successful Recovery from Gynecomastia Surgery

One of the biggest keys to a good recovery experience is to begin planning early.  This may seem unnecessary and time consuming, but you’ll be so happy for taking early steps when you return home after treatment from our gynecomastia NYC or Long Island team and have all you need to get healthy and gain strength.  We begin advising patients of how to prepare for surgery quite early on in the process.

Plan for a Successful Recovery from Gynecomastia Surgery in our Manhattan or New York City centers.We will advise you to stop smoking, if you currently smoke, and let you know which medications need to be stopped and which can be continued.  Thinking of treatment as an athletic event, you get a good idea of how healthy your body should be before stepping into the ring.  This comes from getting adequate rest and proper nutrition and also minimizing alcohol intake.

Plan for When You Return Home

As you can see, it is necessary to prepare for treatment day, but it is also immensely beneficial to plan for your return home as well.  Arrange for a friend or family member to pick you up after your procedure, and also to stay with you for a day or two if possible.  A strong support network helps you ensure that your pet is taken care of, that meals are made or served, and that you do not become lonely while recovering from gynecomastia surgery.

Since you will want to stay at home and limit physical movement in the days following treatment, you will want to have plenty of entertainment available in the way of books, magazines, movies, music and video games.

Necessities to Aid a Speedy Recovery

Rest is a big part of any recovery process, and gynecomastia surgery is no exception.  When you rest adequately, you allow the body to do what it naturally does, and return to health faster than if you try to push yourself.  After gynecomastia surgery, sleeping upright is recommended because it helps to minimize swelling in the chest.

Men are not lazy creatures who take well to sitting still for any length of time.  After surgery, you may feel the urge to return to your active lifestyle. You may want to go back to work, trim the yard, or return to your regular workout routine.  It is important to put off physical activity until healing has progressed, otherwise the end results of gynecomastia surgery are at risk.

During recovery, it pays to limit strenuous activity, especially any movements in which the hands are raised over the head.  Lifting weights should be avoided, even around the house, as should strenuous aerobic exercise, as this elevates blood pressure and can exacerbate swelling.

Treating gynecomastia is the best way that a man can return to a state of total confidence in his body.  Contact us for more information or to schedule your free consultation with the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team in our gynecomastia New York City or Long Island office.