Gynecomastia is the over-development of breast tissue in men. While it isn’t an uncommon condition, it can cause a lot of embarrassment and shame in the people it affects.

A lot of teens get it during puberty, but it usually goes away within two years. Possible causes for gynecomastia include steroid usage, obesity, excessive hormones during puberty, genetic predisposition, side effects from medication and use of illegal narcotics.


Ways to Cover Up Gynecomastia

Sneaky Ways to Hide GynecomastiaIf you suffer from gynecomastia, here are a couple of quick ways that you can hide it:

Tape your protruding nipples with paper tape (you can find this in the first aid section of your local store). You can also wrap an Ace bandage gently around your chest to help smooth your appearance underneath your clothing.

Try wearing apparel that is specially designed with compression panels over the breasts. You will need to select the appropriate pressure level in milligrams of mercury. A pressure level of 18 to 22 milligrams of mercury works well for cases of gynecomastia. You will feel some tightness around your chest region, but it will not be uncomfortable.

Wear loose fitting or over-sized shirts to hide your chest area. During the cooler months, you can layer several baggy shirts over one another to hide your gynecomastia under the fabric. During the summer when it is hot, wear one or two snug-fitting tank tops that are made from a heavy weight material to hold your extra breast tissue in place.


Get Rid of Man Boobs Forever

If you don’t want to deal with coming up with new ways to conceal your male breasts any longer, gynecomastia surgery is the only way to permanently fix the issue.

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