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Unfortunately, there is only one permanent solution to treat an established case of gynecomastia (enlarged male breasts), and that is surgery.

When most men get to the point of seeking male breast reduction surgery, they are often desperate to get rid of their “man boobs” and may not consider what they want their chest to look like post-operatively (other than gynecomastia-free, of course).

If you’re considering plastic surgery, be sure to take some time during your consultations with prospective surgeons to discuss post-surgical chest contour.

A Good Outcome & Attractive Chest Contour

Male breast reduction surgery for gynecomastia involves a combination of laser liposuction to remove excess fat, tighten skin, and promote good contour, as well as tissue excision (when necessary) to remove breast gland tissue.

Because this condition is linked to excessive estrogen in men, the shape of enlarged male breasts typically becomes more feminine and round; this is precisely what is addressed during surgery.

If you would like to have a masculine looking chest after your procedure, discuss those goals with your surgeon. He or she will teach you about the steps involved for the surgery you’ll be having.

A knowledgeable cosmetic or plastic surgeon will be able to answer all of your questions and help you plan the procedure as well as give you advice about post-op recovery and exercising afterwards.

Avoiding Complications

No surgery is exempt from potential complications and male breast reduction surgery is no exception. Problems like poor contour, “crater deformity” and scarring are all possibilities (though uncommon).

These can be largely avoided by choosing the right surgeon, making sure you are a good candidate for the procedure, and following all of the instructions for pre- and post-operative care.

Note to Bodybuilders

If you are a bodybuilder, be sure to stay away from all forms of anabolic steroids (and hormones of any kind) after surgery, which can cause a hormone imbalance and trigger male breast growth again.

Your surgeon can advise you on when you can go back to lifting weights and can refer you to a nutrition expert who specializes in all natural muscle building.

Choosing the Best Cosmetic or Plastic Surgeon in New York

So how do you find the right surgeon in your area to help you get back that masculine chest contour that will boost your confidence and leave “man boobs” in the past?

First, make sure to consult with only highly-qualified surgeons with specific experience in this procedure. Though gynecomastia surgery is a fast-growing procedure, there are few surgeons with enough expertise to give patients consistently good results.

If you’re looking for highly qualified New York plastic or cosmetic surgeons, then you’ll want to schedule a consultation with our experts in Long Island and NYC.

Our specialists are extremely experienced and years of experience in male breast reduction. For more information and to schedule your free consultation, call us today!