Medications can be a godsend for those who suffer from all kinds of illnesses. Unfortunately, unpleasant side effects can slip through and prove detrimental to patients who end up swapping out one problem for another. Such is the case with Risperdal, a drug that was recently linked to gynecomastia (male breast enlargement).

The Drug

Risperdal is a medication used to treat a variety of disorders such as bipolar disorder and childhood schizophrenia. The drug has been the subject of much controversy since its approval in 1993, though it has continued to be approved for other uses over the years.

Gynecomastia Link

Risperdal has been linked to severe gynecomastia, and has been the impetus for a series of individual lawsuits filed against Johnson & Johnson, the drug’s manufacturer. Drug-triggered gynecomastia occurs when the drug alters hormone levels in the body and allows more estrogen to be created.

Though these hormonal changes can occur naturally during different phases of life, when caused by prescription drugs, enlarged male breasts sometimes do not go away on their own after taking the drug is discontinued.

The Lawsuits

Risperdal’s Dirty Little Secret: Gynecomastia 2According to Injury Lawyer News (ILN), the drug has been the subject of over 420 lawsuits in the last twenty years, including many involving gynecomastia that ILN reports were “In some cases, the condition was so severe that patients required mastectomies.”

Other complaints allege that the company concealed dangerous side effects such as these, and improperly marketed the drug to children. Johnson & Johnson has settled with many of the plaintiffs, but denies wrongdoing.

Solutions for Enlarged Male Breasts

Unfortunately, there are no medications that can reverse the symptoms of gynecomastia. Once solid tissue formation has taken place, the problem must be corrected with surgery. Male breast reduction involves liposuction and usually also requires removal of excess glandular tissue.

When performed by an expert surgeon, the results of gynecomastia surgery are very natural looking. Though some patients balk at the cost of gynecomastia surgery, treatment can be an essential component to renewed self-confidence.

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