In our gynecomastia New York City and Long Island practices, we hear from many of our patients that they put off seeking treatment for their gynecomastia because they only experienced a slight puffiness in the nipple area.

Called “puffy nipple areola complex” or simply “puffy nipple syndrome”, this is actually a condition called gynecomastia.  In fact, puffy nipples are one of the most commonly seen forms of this confidence-stealing male condition.

Mild Gynecomastia and Nipple Protrusion

Gynecomastia Long Island and New York City surgeons discuss puffy nipples and breast tenderness.Although it may seem like nothing at first, even this mild form of gynecomastia can lead a man to hide his chest from others by wearing more than one shirt, or refusing to remove his shirt during outdoor activities where this would normally be done.

In puffy nipple syndrome, there is a buildup of adipose tissue under or slightly around the areola, resulting in a slight protrusion, or dome shape on the areola itself.  While puffy nipples are more commonly seen in younger patients, this mild form of gynecomastia can occur in a patient of any age.

Customized Treatment for Male Breast Reduction

In both our gynecomastia New York City and Long Island offices, we approach each patient differently, even when the focus is dealing with the same basic condition.  The reason we do this is because every case is unique to each patient.  In some cases, it is firm breast tissue, or adipose tissue, that needs to be removed.

In other situations, a glandular excision is called for as the best course of action. Through a comprehensive evaluation, the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team will determine the extent of surgical correction needed and carefully explain the process to the patient.

Surgical Treatment is Quick and Effective

In most cases, surgery for mild gynecomastia take about an hour to complete.  Recovery time for male breast reduction is typically quite short, due to the fact that we use laser technology to complete this procedure.

Quite often, the size of areolas will also diminish as skin tightens following the gynecomastia surgical procedure.  When excess glandular or adipose tissue is removed, the patient is able to resume life with a new and improved physique without the worry that gynecomastia will return.

Causes of Male Breast Enlargement

Gynecomastia in any form is detrimental to the male psyche.  In some instances, this is indeed a condition that may resolve with lifestyle changes.  For instance, in the patient who is obese can actually bring about male breast enlargement due to hormonal imbalance from excess body fat.

However, in instances where the patient is of otherwise normal body weight, the “cure” for gynecomastia is found in the surgical correction of excess tissue.  Working out the chest muscles, while effective at toning and tightening the muscles of the chest, does little to eliminate puffiness or reduce enlarged breasts.

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