For high school students and adolescents, growing up and figuring out your place in a social environment is very important. These years are a critical period in formation of self-image and gender identity and when a confusing and shameful condition like gynecomastia occurs during this period, the outcomes are extremely detrimental to the patient’s mental health.

University of Pittsburgh Study

According to an experiment conducted by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in 2012, adolescents with gynecomastia measured higher in levels of anxiety, depression, and social phobias in comparison to adolescents without gynecomastia.

psychological-burden-gynecomastia-adolescents2The study further explained that gynecomastia in adolescents is a threat to normal self-esteem and gender identity. Anatomic stressors like gynecomastia can be devastating to adolescents who are around young people that may exploit their condition and further damage their self-esteem.

It is advised that surgeons refer adolescents to psychological treatment before going forward with surgery. Further studies about the postoperative psychological state of adolescents are important as well.

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