Risks of Surgical Treatment for Gyno NYC and Gynecomastia Surgery NY Patients in our breast reduction for men centers.Every type of surgical procedure carries a certain amount of risk. Our doctors want you to be aware of these potential complications in case you run into any problems.

Although the majority of patients don’t experience these complications, our surgeons will thoroughly discuss each of the possible risks of gynecomastia surgery with you at your initial consultation.

Bleeding and Hematoma

Even though it is unusual, it is possible to experience bleeding after male breast reduction surgery, also called a hematoma. If post-operative bleeding occurs, our gynecomastia surgeons want you to know that it may require emergency treatment to drain the accumulated blood or to perform a blood transfusion.

Don’t take any aspirin or other types of anti-inflammatory medication a week before surgery or five days after because this could increase your risk of bleeding.

Skin-Related Complications

Skin Contour Risks

Though extremely rare, some contour and shape irregularities can occur after male breast reduction surgery. Many of these issues resolve over time, but some may remain permanent. One breast may rarely end up being a bit smaller than the other one. This can be corrected with a simple follow-up procedure.

Your nipple position and shape may not be identical to the nipple on the opposite side. Residual skin abnormalities at the ends of your incisions could occur if a lot of excess skin was removed (such as a male breast lift procedure).

It is important to weigh all of these possible skin contour problems with our gynecomastia NY surgeons to determine whether you feel the risks are worth the treatment.

Change in Skin Sensation after Breast Reduction for Men

In a general sense, patients may experience a diminished or loss of sensation or sensitivity in their nipples and the skin of their breasts. A permanent loss of nipple sensation is also possible, but rare.

Massaging the area, after cleared to do so, can promote healthy blood flow and stimulate nerves during your healing process. This can greatly help to reduce hypersensitivity once sensation returns.

Allergic Reactions

In extremely rare cases, some patients may suffer a localized allergy to tools used during your procedure including tape, glues, topical preparations, or suture material. It is critical to discuss any known allergies you might have.

There are other types of complications that you could experience as well, including delayed healing, asymmetry, fat necrosis and more.

Free Consultation in our Gyno NYC or Long Island Practices

If you want to know about all of the possible risks involved, then it is important to call us to set up a free consultation with one of our surgeons. They will be happy to help answer any and all questions you may have about breast reduction for men.

You may also read our pre-op instruction guide to learn how to reduce or eliminate most of the risks and complications discussed in this blog post.