4 Reasons Why Plastic Surgery May Be Right for You

Gynecomastia New York City and Gynecomastia Manhattan Surgeon Offers 4 Reasons for SurgeryDue to the tremendous popularity of cosmetic surgery, it is now widely accepted amongst our society. Regular guys, not just movie stars, can now attain the physical attributes they’ve always wanted.

There are many reasons why people choose to have plastic surgery. Our experts on the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team, want patients to know that plastic surgery isn’t just to make you look better.

Dealing with Issues


People who have suffered from deformities due to being injured in an accident want to look the way they did before they were hurt. Having a big scar or disfigurement can cause the person to relive their trauma all over again.

At our offices, we work closely to help our patients feel and look their best after their procedure and will do everything possible to make them feel like themselves again.

Health Issues

Men go under the knife for health reasons as well as aesthetic ones. There are many types of plastic surgeries that can help make a person healthier. If somebody has a deviated septum or narrow nostrils, for instance, they can get a nose job procedure to help them breathe easier. Another example is somebody who has lost a massive amount of weight and has a lot of extra skin that takes away from the quality of their life.


In our gynecomastia New York City and Long Island offices, we have helped boost the self-confidence of many of our male patients. Men who are very dissatisfied with a part of their body may feel embarrassed or unattractive. Plastic surgery can help them open up again as well as help their self-confidence to grow.

Reconstructive Surgery

If a person was born with a birth defect, such as a cleft lip or deformed face, they probably do not want to go through life being stared at or teased for something they cannot control. Plastic surgery gives them the option of taking their lives back and reconstructing their deformities.

There are many reasons why male patients come to us for a plastic surgery procedure. From boosting self-confidence to treating deformities, the reasons behind getting plastic surgery are as diverse as the people that get it.

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If you are considering plastic surgery for any reason, be sure to contact our gynecomastia New York City or Long Island offices to make a consultation with the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team today.