What is the number 1 reason that keeps men from coming in to our gynecomastia Long Island and New York City offices? Well, when it comes to man boobs, there’s only one answer: Most men who have the condition think that there isn’t any way to treat their gynecomastia.

Maybe you’re a gynecomastia sufferer yourself and can personally relate to the emotional toll that male breast enlargement causes, day in and day out. If so, read on to find out more about how we help patients, both physically and emotionally, to deal with the trauma of man boobs.

Emotional Toll of Gynecomastia

What Our Gynecomastia New York City and Gynecomastia Long Island Surgeons Can Do for Man Boobs.In the world of gynecomastia sufferers, every day is an emotional challenge. From being a teenager too embarrassed to dress out in the locker room to the 55 year old who is afraid to take off his shirt at the beach with his grandkids…it affects every person with the condition.

Emotional distress can also manifest itself in other areas of a man’s life when he suffers from having man boobs:

  1. Intimate situations can become too embarrassing and are avoided altogether.
  2. Social activities can become painfully awkward due to the fear of their enlarged breasts being noticed.
  3. Professional life can be impacted due to a change in self-esteem and confidence, especially those in sales and management positions where face-to-face contact is a part of the job.
  4. Spiritually, men can suffer as well due to avoidance of church-related activities and group functions that he may once have participated in.

What Our Gynecomastia Surgeons Can Do

  1. Your consultation will be private and confidential.
  2. You will see our male surgeons from the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team in either our Gynecomastia New York City or Long Island practice.
  3. The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team has been successfully treating men with gynecomastia for years and knows how you feel and how to fix “man boobs” permanently.
  4. Surgery involves local anesthesia, laser-assisted techniques, and virtually no scarring.
  5. You can be back to work in three days!
  6. Gynecomastia will never be a part of your life again.

With surgical intervention, the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team can help you realize your full potential in all of the areas of your life where gynecomastia once ruled you. That emotional toll of feeling embarrassed, humiliated, awkward, withdrawn…all of it will be a part of your past.

Some of the patients treated in our centers say that for the first time in many years, they feel like themselves again. Call us today to book a free, private consultation with the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team at 631.499.1831 or 212.206.0023.