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New Jersey schools are already tough on steroid use in young athletes, but they’re taking it to the next level–with legislation.

Under pressure to win, it’s not surprising that some teens decide to use performance-enhancing drugs. The physical and mental consequences of this, however, can be devastating.

Here’s how New Jersey is working to protect their young people from abusing steroids.

Drug Testing

For the past eight years, all New Jersey students who wish to compete in championship games have been subject to random tests for performance-enhancing drugs. While only one student failed this test last year, legislators would like to see no failures in years to come.

The proposed legislation would require this testing by law, in an effort to keep more student athletes off steroids. Now, all that legislation needs in order to proceed is to obtain the governor’s signature.


The legislation isn’t just stopping at drug tests, however. If signed into law, this new legislation would require coaches and sports educators to undergo a steroid prevention and education course. Coaches will need to focus on alternatives for students to prevent drug use. The assemblywoman who proposed the legislation hopes to help steer the culture of student athletes away from steroids.

The Gynecomastia Link

Steroids are common in competitive sports and bodybuilding, and unfortunately, so is gynecomastia (enlarged male breasts). The reason for this is that the hormonal shifts that take place due to steroids can induce breast development in men of any age.

While not necessarily harmful physically, gynecomastia can be very damaging to self-confidence, particularly among young men. Unfortunately, once gynecomastia is established, it will not go away on its own.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery is a Permanent Solution

If you have gynecomastia, whether caused by steroids, genetics, or a medical condition, you probably feel embarrassed by the condition. The bad news is that neither pills nor creams can treat gynecomastia.

The good news is that there is a highly effective surgical treatment available, involving laser liposuction of the chest and the removal of breast gland tissue.

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