Gynecomastia, commonly known as man boobs, is a disorder many men suffer from that causes excess male breast tissue or glandular growth. There are many speculations as to what causes this condition including diet, lifestyle, age, hormone imbalances, steroids, some prescription medications, and certain illegal drugs.

Milk and Animal-Based Products

Can drinking milk cause gynecomastia?But what about milk products? Can this staple of our diet actually be one of the major contributing factors to the development of gynecomastia?

A question recently posed by asks whether milk products can actually cause man boobs to occur. The answer may shock you:


Milk is a source of estrogen in the diet and can constitute as much as 80 percent of your dietary intake of estrogen, reports Estrogen Dominance Guide. Cows give milk while they are pregnant and nursing, so their estrogen levels are higher. Dairy livestock are also regularly given doses of hormones to increase their growth and milk production. That’s why conventionally raised meats and dairy can contribute to gynecomastia.

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How to Decrease Estrogen Through Diet

If there is too much estrogen in a man’s body, dietary changes can make all the difference. It is recommended by doctors (as well as plastic surgeons) that weight-related pseudogynecomastia can be reversed with weight loss.

For true gynecomastia related to excessive estrogen, hormone levels should be checked with a blood test, the testicles examined for the possibility of a tumor, a thorough physical exam, and the diet should be changed to exclude dairy products as well as any meat that comes from an animal treated with growth hormones.

The addition of cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, brussel sprouts, and cauliflower) to the diet is said to help “scrub” the blood by absorbing the excess estrogen in the digestive tract prior to it becoming blood borne. 

Ready to Get Help for Your Gynecomastia?

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