Self-confidence is something we aren’t born with, it has to be cultivated. Many men wish that they had more self-confidence and a better self-image.

Your environment and upbringing, as well as how you view your body, have a big impact on your self-confidence throughout your adult life. In fact, increasing your self-image is a crucial step in happiness and mental health.


Stay in Shape

get rid of man boobs, what is gynecomastia, NYC gynecomastia, cosmetic surgery in NYC stay in shapeOne of the attributes that many people with a positive self-image have is a healthy body. When you love yourself, you want to start taking care of your body.

Treating your body with respect can lead to taking better care of it from the inside out. Once you get rid of extra fat around the waist and start building muscle, you will start enjoying a slimmer and sexier physique.

Exercise is also proven to make you feel better, too. So start hitting the gym at least three times a week!


Positive Reinforcement

Sometimes, the best way for us to realize the positive aspects of ourselves is to make a list of all of our qualities and abilities.

If you have great arms, include that on your list. If you love your job, write that down. Seeing all of the positives in your life will show you how truly lucky you are.

Get Rid of Man Boobs

As many as 70% of young men and 40% of older men suffer from gynecomastia (, or man boobs.

What is gynecomastia, you may be asking yourself? It’s the over-development of male breast tissue.

If you want to kick this problem to the curb for good, the only way to do it is through surgery. Our doctors offer the best cosmetic surgery in NYC for men with gynecomastia and will provide you with amazing results.

Our surgery offers virtually no scarring and very little downtime, so your surgery can be your little secret. All anyone will notice is that you are no longer afraid to take your shirt off!

Remember, plastic surgery isn’t just for women. About 19,000 men got gynecomastia surgery in 2010. Plastic surgery has also been proven to dramatically increase self-image and to improve the lives of the men who have the surgery.

If you’re ready to get rid of man boobs for good and feel better about yourself, give our gynecomastia Long Island or NYC offices a call today to set up a free consultation.

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