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There’s a buzz these days in bodybuilding forums, men’s health chat rooms, and plastic surgeon’s offices across the world. In the UK as well as in the US, the major surgeons’ associations are reporting that male breast reduction surgery is one of the fastest growing procedures being done today. Last year, 790 men had surgery in the UK and 20,000 had gynecomastia surgery in the U.S.

The increase in the U.S. procedures was quoted by the ASPS as being an 8% growth over 2010’s numbers. In fact, this topic has become such a popular subject that Cosmopolitan magazine recently posed the question in their blog titled “Man Boob Surgery is a Thing“. The author, a woman, closed the blog post with the question,


And if your guy brings up the idea of plastic surgery to “fix” his body? Tell him the same thing you’d want to hear: You love him the way he is—and encourage him to really think about it before consulting a doctor.


We Can Agree to Disagree

Gynecomastia surgery is increasing in NYC and Long Island for Dr. Emmanuel Asare.The real issue I have with the response of the blogger on Cosmopolitan’s site is this: it’s impossible to know why the man boobs are developing until you see a doctor, so first go see a doctor!

The causes of gynecomastia can be as simple as a prescription medication that needs to be stopped to something very serious such as testicular cancer or kidney failure. In the end, seeing a doctor for a full physical examination and blood panels are absolutely needed to ensure a man’s health.

Secondly, I find it rather naive of the author to have responded to her readers that all the man needs is a bit of reassurance that he’s loved just the way he is. Plastic surgery to correct man boobs is not usually about how much others love you just the way you are; it’s about how self-conscious they feel when being around others. It’s about the discomfort of the breasts rubbing against shirts until nipples are rubbed raw. It’s about worrying constantly about how bad it’s going to get or if it will ever go away.

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