While the exact cause of an individual’s gynecomastia is usually unknown, a new campaign created by the moral group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) suggests that eating meat can cause men to develop man boobs.

The PETA Man Boob Campaign

Does meat cause gynecomastia and man boobs?A PETA group located in Glasgow, Scotland put up a billboard in the city’s center that suggested that if a man ate meat he could develop gynecomastia.

The billboard shows a picture of a male chest which appears to have breasts, with a caption that reads, “Dude Looks like a Lady? Lose the breasts. Go vegetarian.”

PETA told a local Scottish newspaper that the claim is from a statement said by a Scottish surgeon, blaming obesity for an increase in male breast reduction surgeries.

The group told The Guardian newspaper:

Since 2007 Scotland has seen an astounding 80% rise in the number of surgeries performed to address gynecomastia – excessive breast development in men. The advertisement was designed to warn meat-eaters that obesity – which can be caused by a steady diet of animal-derived foods – is linked to the increase in gynecomastia.” (biggreensmile.com)

Even though eating meat hasn’t yet been proven through clinical studies to directly cause gynecomastia, the billboard has gained major attention and popularity worldwide. There are many health experts who believe that the hormones in some meat, such as beef, are directly linked to an excess of estrogen in the male body, eventually causing man boobs.

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