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As marijuana use becomes more common for easing chronic pain and, in some regions for recreational use, plastic surgeons may start to see a larger number of men with a common condition known as gynecomastia, or male breast enlargement.

Why? Because there is a link between marijuana use and gynecomastia that every man should know about.

The Link

While gynecomastia can occur naturally, it can also be caused by hormonal imbalances that are triggered by age, drug use, or other factors. An excess of estrogen in the male body can cause breast tissue to develop at any age.

While studies have been few and far between concerning the effects of marijuana on hormones, anecdotal evidence suggests that marijuana can cause testosterone levels to drop, contributing to a hormonal imbalance of estrogen, which leads to the development of male breasts.

With legalization of the drug becoming more common in some states, it’s possible that more men will need to start seeking treatment for gynecomastia.

Effects of Gynecomastia

While gynecomastia is not a physically dangerous condition, it can be crippling to the self-esteem and confidence of those who suffer from it. Embarrassment and shame over the problem can cause a great deal of anxiety and make the sufferer unwilling to engage in normal activities. While gynecomastia in teens often resolves itself after adolescence, this is not true for adult men, unfortunately.

Gynecomastia Treatment

Gynecomastia surgery is currently one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed on men, due to the fact that true gynecomastia will not reverse itself over time. The only way to get rid of male breast tissue that has developed is to have it surgically removed.

If you or a loved one suffer from gynecomastia and use marijuana, it is important to stop using the drug immediately, and seek advice from a medical doctor.

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