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© Dmitry Bairachnyi – Fotolia.com

Gynecomastia, like weight loss, tends to prompt a lot of interesting and creative products to hit the market, hoping to be the next big solution for common problems. There are many different ways that men cope with gynecomastia.

However, these products run the gamut from somewhat helpful to dangerous and even downright strange. A new gynecomastia “treatment” has emerged in Japan: a brassiere for men.

Man Bra for Man Boobs?

The male bra is not a new concept–different variations of the idea have turned up over the years, often built into other articles of clothing, like tanktops. But the latest incarnation of a male brassiere is unabashedly bra-like, and claims to help with gynecomastia when worn overnight.

The Kaku Nishioka, maker of the new Floral Goodnight Bra (Kahei Oyasumi Bra) explained to the Mirror: “A man who wears this bra to bed at night will find everything is held firmly in place and looking good the next day”.

Does it Work?

Unfortunately, while chest shapewear and male brassieres can be useful for disguising gynecomastia while they are worn, they cannot provide long-term results or reduce breast tissue when worn overnight.

Excess breast tissue will not go away on its own, no matter how much it is compressed by a bra-like garment. Gynecomastia is a hormonal issue, and clothing alone cannot reverse the effects of excess estrogen.

Treatment Options for Gynecomastia

Just because male brassieres are not a good solution to gynecomastia does not mean you have to live with enlarged breasts or protruding nipples.

Gynecomastia surgery is a tried-and-true method for resolving overdeveloped male breasts permanently. Liposuction and excision of the breast gland tissue can restore a smooth and masculine chest contour, often greatly improving confidence and self-esteem.

Currently, surgery is the only consistently effective treatment for gynecomastia.

A Proven Solution: Male Breast Reduction Surgery

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