It is estimated that about 95% of men who think they are suffering from gynecomastia actually have a condition known as pseudogynecomastia. Pseudogynecomastia differs from gynecomastia in that the patient does not have an over-development of male breast tissue, but simply a buildup of fat in the pectoral region.

Whereas male breast reduction surgery is the only way to cure gynecomastia, there are much simpler treatments for pseudogynecomastia, such as reducing body weight through diet and exercise.

In fact, there are several contributing factors that lead to pseudogynecomastia, with the most predominant factor being obesity.

Obesity and Pseudogynecomastia

Is it man boobs or pseudogynecomastia? Our male breast reduction surgery specialists in NYC and Long Island offer advice.Being overweight can cause a man to look like he has a mean case of man boobs or “moobs”. Most men’s bodies naturally store fat in the belly and thigh areas, but some guys can also accumulate fat in the chest area when excess body fat causes a shift in hormones.

If your pseudogynecomastia is the result of being overweight, getting on a healthy diet and exercise regimen can help you get rid of man boobs. By developing a healthier lifestyle, you’ll also be able to balance the hormones in the body and promote weight loss.

High Acidic pH Levels

Another cause of pseudogynecomastia can be found in the food we eat. If you consume a lot of fast food that is high in preservatives, dairy, and meat, the pH level in your body will become more acidic, causing you to store more fat.

The best way to solve this problem is to be aware of what you eat and know what ingredients are in your food.

Determining if You Have Pseudogynecomastia or Not

The best way to find out if you have pseudogynecomastia is to book an appointment with your doctor. If the answer to your man boobs problem is simple diet and exercise, consider yourself lucky.

If you do have true gynecomastia, no cream, pill or exercise is going to help you reverse it. The only successful treatment is gynecomastia surgery.

Get Rid of Man Boobs

If your doctor diagnoses you with gynecomastia, first get blood work done and a complete physical exam to find the cause. Then,  call our gynecomastia surgery centers to set up an initial consultation with our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team. They will answer any questions that you might have about this embarrassing, but curable, condition.

Our Long Island and NYC centers offer surgery options that fit into any lifestyle. If you want to conquer gynecomastia, pick up the phone and learn more about our innovative surgery techniques today!