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Gynecomastia is a hormone-related medical condition with very physical results. Men with enlarged breasts must deal with the embarrassment, emotional trauma, and shame of having female-looking breasts.

When the condition is severe, the effect on the person is even more pronounced. Teens and men with severe gynecomastia may find themselves avoiding being “discovered” by others at all costs including isolating themselves, wearing layers of baggy clothing, or refusing to take their shirt off in front of others (even in intimate situations).

The good news is that severe cases can be treated with special surgical techniques.

Oversized Male Breasts

Just as with any physical condition that develops over time, gynecomastia can continue to grow out of control until it is stopped by surgical intervention. For some patients, blood tests are necessary to determine what is the underlying cause of the hormonal imbalance (which is what causes this condition).

Oversized breasts can look very different, depending upon the patient. For some, there is a large amount of fat, just in the breasts, that can be removed with laser liposuction.

Another severe side effect of this condition can mean oversized breast gland tissue, located underneath the nipples and areolas. This can cause the nipples to be firm and protrude dramatically, causing chafing and rubbing discomfort. In some cases, patients have oversized areolas, which must be reduced during surgery.

The final way that severe gynecomastia can affect the breasts is when the breast size is so large that they begin to hang.

How to Treat Severe Gynecomastia

For fatty tissue, laser liposuction is used to melt away the fat while leaving the surrounding tissue largely undisturbed.

For overdeveloped breast glands and oversized areola, the doctor must skillfully use a scalpel to cut away the excess tissue, leaving the patient with a normal amount of glandular tissue and normally sized areolas.

For hanging breasts, the plastic or cosmetic surgeon must use a special incision technique that allows for the excess skin to be cut away and the remaining skin to be tightened so that it again appears as a masculine contour without loose skin.

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