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There are many different conditions and medications that can make people more sensitive to the sun. Plastic surgery and sun exposure typically don’t mix well.

Too much sun exposure is dangerous in general for many reasons:

  • It dramatically increases the risk for skin cancer
  • Accelerates aging
  • Raises the potential for sunburn

It is especially harmful during recovery from surgery, as the UV rays from the sun can cause the skin around the sensitive incision site to darken.

Solutions for Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) is a common but distressing issue that affects up to half of all men at some point during life.

Unfortunately there is only one method of treatment for gynecomastia that is known to be reliable and effective: breast reduction surgery.

Naturally, good results from surgery are only possible with proper aftercare—including protecting the area from the sun following the procedure.

Dangers of Sun Exposure After Male Breast Reduction

Swelling and bruising are inevitable side effects of surgery, and the tender treated area must be cared for diligently during the recovery period to avoid sun-related complications.

It is really best to avoid the sun altogether during this period, as the incisions can stay darker for longer if exposed to the sun, and bruising can take longer to resolve.

However, if total avoidance of sun exposure is impossible, be sure to use a high SPF sun block, zinc oxide, and/or a bandage to cover the area. Wearing a garment with UV protection is also an option. These can be purchased at most sporting goods stores.

Timeline for Waiting to be in the Sun

After gynecomastia surgery, it is important to avoid sun exposure on the chest area, taking extra precautions if necessary.

Most surgeons recommend that patients wait 6-8 weeks following surgery before allowing the area to be out in the sun. Even then, it is important to continue using strong sunscreens to reduce the chances of skin cancer.

Planning Your Procedure

If you would like to move forward with gynecomastia surgery, then you’ll need to do some planning. If you would like to be out and about on the beach this summer (a reason many men seek surgery months ahead of time), then you will need to start consulting with plastic surgeons soon.

Remember, because of the limitations on sun exposure combined with the time it takes for swelling to subside and chest contour to finalize, it is best to seek your procedure long before you take your new look to the beach.

If you want the best advice, you’ll need the best plastic or cosmetic surgeon. Our gynecomastia experts are highly-qualified and offer the best in chest contouring in New York. To schedule your free consultation, call our NYC or Commack, Long Island locations today at 631.499.1831 or 212.206.0023.