Expert Recovery Tips from our Doctors

Men with gynecomastia suffer from enlarged male breast tissue. As a result of the embarrassment from the condition, many patients choose to undergo gyno surgery in order to permanently cure gynecomastia.

Since we have seen an increase in this plastic surgery procedure at our gyno NYC offices, we want our patients to understand the healing process, some side effects that may occur, and some tips on how to heal more quickly.

Swelling and Bruising

The first few days after gyno surgery, you will be a little bruised and swollen. Bruising can appear in various degrees, ranging from small marks to vast bruising. The bruising will be mostly confined to the breast area and appear as bright red, purple, black or blue.

The laser liposuction that we use causes the least amount of bruising and is how our gyno patients are able to get back to work in 2-3 days post-op.

When the breasts start to heal, your bruises will turn yellow or pale green. Your swelling will be localized or diffused and can be minimized if you:

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    Sit and sleep in a 45 degree upright position

  • Do gentle massage after one week post-op (only if directed by your surgeon)
  • Drink extra water to flush out post-op fluid retention
  • Wear your compression garment as directed

The innovative laser-assisted treatments that we use greatly reduces the degree of bruising and swelling that occurs post-operatively.

Loss of Sensation

It is possible to lose partial or full sensation in your nipple and breast area after your gyno surgery. Though extremely rare, it is one possible risk of gynecomastia surgery. To help combat this, gently massage the area about one month post op to “wake up” the nerves and coax them to heal. Be sure to get clearance to massage the area from our surgeons first!

Bringing oxygen-rich blood to the breast and nipple areas are highly beneficial to making a fast recovery.

Healing After Surgery in our Gyno NYC or Long Island Centers

The first couple of days after gynecomastia surgery are the most important in terms of healing. You should be resting at home and not participating in any physically exerting activities. Try to keep vigorous movement of your shoulder joints, arms and chest restricted during this time.

If you want to take part in mild physical activity, you should start slowly. Prolonged walks and light jogs can be done two weeks after surgery. Chest, back and abdominal exercises are permitted about four weeks after surgery. You should not have sex for at least a week after gyno surgery.

Our gynecomastia surgery New York surgeons want you to heal as quickly as possible so it is important to follow their advice to a “T”. Although male breast reduction is becoming a more common male plastic surgery procedure, it is still requires a certain amount of downtime (about 2-3 days).

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