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Gynecomastia is the term for male breast enlargement, a condition that affects up to half of all men at some point during their lives.

Unfortunately, there are no non-invasive methods for treatment at present, and the only way to get rid of enlarged breasts is with surgery.

But why does gynecomastia occur, and how common is male breast reduction?

The Causes of Gynecomastia & Treatment

Gynecomastia is hormonal in nature, caused by imbalances in the body that result in too much estrogen. If these levels are sustained too long, permanent breast growth can occur.

These imbalances can be triggered by a number of factors, including performance-enhancing drugs, prescription drugs, marijuana, and age.

Pseudogynecomastia, which is often mistaken for hormone-related gynecomastia, is actually excess fat in the chest area, often due to obesity. Pseudogynecomastia can be treated with diet and exercise, while true gynecomastia can only be resolved with surgery.

Gynecomastia surgery involves liposuction to remove fat from the chest, combined with excision of the male breast gland tissue. The procedure is safe, effective, and permanent, provided gynecomastia is not triggered again.

Growing Acceptance

Gynecomastia surgery has been on the rise for the last several years. According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), 22,939 men underwent breast reduction surgery in 2013, an 11-percent increase from 2012.

Part of this likely has to do with growing awareness surrounding the condition, but also to increased acceptance of plastic surgery for men. As the 4th most popular procedure for men in 2013, right behind classic procedures like rhinoplasty and liposuction, gynecomastia surgery is likely to continue increasing in popularity as more men discover the benefits of the procedure and how fast recovery time is.

Looking for Information?

If you suffer from gynecomastia, then you may want to look into surgery as a solution. Gynecomastia, though not physically dangerous, can cause embarrassment, insecurity, and low self-esteem. You don’t have to let male breast enlargement affect your quality of life.

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