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If you’re a hockey fan from the 1970’s, you undoubtedly know about hockey legend Bernie Parent, who was the goalie from the Philadelphia Flyers. On January 19th, he was featured in the South Jersey Times because he decided to go public with his very private battle with gynecomastia.

A Teen Condition, A Lifetime of Insecurity

Gynecomastia is fairly common, with about half of all men facing the condition at some point in their lives. Whether due to a stage of life (natural hormonal imbalance) or a substance triggering the condition (some prescription medications), male breast development is a reality for many men.

For most males, the condition starts in puberty. For the majority of these affected males, the condition clears up within about two years. In the rest, the breasts do not return to a masculine shape or size. In fact, the term gynecomastia actually translates to “female-like appearance” in Greek.

Bernie Parent was in the latter category of gynecomastia sufferers. His condition started in his late teens and never went away. In fact, in his interview with South Jersey Times, he explains that the condition caused him great insecurity with his body during his tenure on the Philadelphia Flyers.

How Bernie Parent Coped with Gynecomastia

Like many of our own patients, Bernie described going through hoops to hide his larger breasts under clothing, not taking his shirt off, and not living life to the fullest.

He explained that the distraction of his female-looking breasts was “distracting” and stopped him from enjoying life with his children and grandchildren.

The defining moment for him was when he wanted to go out on his boat and enjoy the ocean but became fed up with the fact that he was too embarrassed to remove his shirt. He decided that he had had enough and vowed to never again let gynecomastia hold him back from life.

Cosmetic Solutions for Male Breast Reduction

Plastic surgeons have several options available for patients with this condition. Male breast reduction surgery is one of the most common procedures to treat the issue. The reason why surgery is usually the solution is due to the element of breast gland tissue that is usually present in men with gynecomastia.

However, in Bernie Parent’s case, his treatment involved only fat removal using a technology called Cool Sculpting, which freezes fat cells so that the body can eliminate them over a period of several weeks after treatment. It is non-surgical.

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