Tips to Prevent Gynecomastia as You Grow Older

Gynecomastia in Older Men

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Let’s face it; no one really looks forward to getting older.  In fact, most of us don’t really feel our age.  That is, we intellectually deny what is happening biologically within us.  There is nothing wrong with this natural tendency.  It may be one of those things that help us as we add years to our lives.

That being said, there does come a time when every man will experience age-related changes that cannot be ignored, as we often see with some of our gyno NYC and Long Island patients.

Although there is no way to avoid hormonal, biological and even emotional changes altogether, there are some lifestyle habits and personal choices that we have found to be helpful in how to get rid of man boobs.

Get an Individual Assessment by our Gyno Surgeons

Some trainers, nutritionists, or other experts like to dole out advice for men based on their age.  What we have found by treating a great number of our patients is that no man is 100 percent like another his exact same age.

We are all different and need to first and foremost remember not to pigeonhole ourselves into any specific category.  This could actually prove disastrous when dealing with a number of male health-related issues.

When we consult with our patients, we make an individual assessment for care, as well as for follow up advice after surgical breast reduction for men.  That being said, we recommend the following for optimal health and well-being regardless of age.

A Weighty Issue

Men are fortunate in that we are built to put on muscle.  Take advantage of that by adding strength training to your regular workout routine.  For one, we tell our patients that being overweight can wreak havoc on the hormones; this can more easily lead to man boobs.

Once established, the worst way to get rid of them is to work out the chest muscles. That actually makes the gynecomastia look worse!

Before getting surgical breast reduction for men to rid yourself of excess breast tissue, it is wise to begin a suitable diet and exercise routine so that results after surgery can be maintained.

When a man reaches his thirties, metabolism begins to slow, which could ultimately lead to excess breast tissue and the need for surgical breast reduction.  Before weight becomes an issue, this is the time to begin watching body-fat percentage.

According to most experts, the ideal number for optimal health is about 22% body fat.  Maintaining a normal weight is not only for aesthetic purposes; excess weight is also linked to man boobs, love handles, diabetes, heart disease, and sexual dysfunction.

Back to Basics

There are times in life when we have to go back and learn new ways of accomplishing the same things.  For both men and women, the aging process brings about the need to revamp exercise so as to guard the back against strain and injury.

Being out of shape can mean that we can be afflicted with a sudden injury from everyday activities that we once had no trouble doing.  Rather than take chances, it is recommended that we incorporate core strength training into our regular exercise routine.

Working with a personal fitness trainer, each man can devise his perfect core strength training routine. This can also include specific attention to the abs and chest; areas where men can build muscle more quickly and see results.

We are What We Eat

According to David L. Katz, M.D., an associate professor of public health at Yale University and a Men’s Health weight-loss adviser, “Men in their 40s should try to eat 10 servings of fruits and vegetables daily”.

The reason is that antioxidants are powerful anti-agers and cancer fighters.  Eating the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables can be a challenge, but does wonders for the body as it gets older.  To get all that is needed, one can take up the practice of juicing.

We have a host of information available to us that will allow us an easier ride through the aging process.

How to Get Rid of Man Boobs: Meet With Our Gyno Surgeons Today

To learn how to get rid of man boobs after age 50, contact us for a free consultation with our gyno surgeons. We see men of all ages, but the majority of our gynecomastia patients are over 50.

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