Living with gynecomastia, a man has to deal with feeling of emotional discomfort.  When breast tissue grows to abnormal proportions, the patient may hide his chest and actually avoid social gatherings that may involve disrobing for swimming or outdoor activity.

In our gynecomastia New York City & Long Island practices, we help men through the process of improving the physique by eliminating excess breast tissue.  Results of treatment by our male breast reduction surgeons are sensational in more ways than one.

Your First Step is a Consultation

When a patient first comes in for a consultation, he may be thinking about whether or not he will like the results of his surgery, or whether surgery can permanently correct the condition.  Sensation of the skin and nipple is typically not one of the first things that springs to mind in the patient during the initial phase of treatment.

However, feeling different sensations in the nipple area is as important for men as it is for women, so it is a question we like to address before initiating treatment in our male breast reduction Long Island facility.

Will Surgery Interfere with Sensation?

Gynecomastia surgery does involve incisions and liposuction, which both interrupt the sensory nerve fibers which send feeling to the nipples and skin on breasts.  Immediately following surgery, this area will feel numb.  The patient may be able to feel sensation of pressure or even changes in temperature during this time.

However, light touch will not register in the first hours after surgery.

As healing begins to occur after treatment, the patient may experience feelings of heightened sensitivity, tingling, or possibly short bursts of shooting pain.  Although these are common sensations, not all patients experience them.

All is Not Lost

In the months that follow treatment, the nerve fibers disrupted during surgery begin to repair and calm down.  The sensation of tingling or heightened sensitivity will diminish during this time, and normal feeling should gradually return to its previous state.  Although it can occur, it is rare that patients lose sensation permanently.  Most patients we have seen deem this a suitable sacrifice for getting rid of man boobs once and for all.

Every patient is different and therefore end results and the speed in which a patient heals is completely unique to his own body.  The best thing a patient can do is to follow post operative instructions and maintain a healthy body, and give himself time to heal and feel sensations again in his own time.

Gynecomastia treatment restores a man’s confidence and appreciation for his own body.  To eliminate the stress and inhibition that comes from excessive breast tissue, contact us at any of our offices for a free consultation with our surgeons on the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team.  We are conveniently located in New York City and Long Island.