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Gynecomastia is a hormonal issue, which occurs when too much estrogen is present in the male body. The estrogen triggers breast growth, which can range from mild to severe.

There are many ways this hormonal imbalance can occur, some of which have to do with prescription or illegal drug use. Other causes can include age (many babies, adolescents, and older men experience gynecomastia) or disease.

There are also several disorders that can induce breast growth in boys and men, including Klinefelter Syndrome.

What Is Klinefelter Syndrome?

Klinefelter Syndrome occurs in men with an extra chromosome (XXY) in the majority of the cells. This percentage varies, and will affect the symptoms a man may experience from the issue.

Some men with the condition will experience symptoms such as infertility, being taller in stature, having a less muscular physique with broader hips, an increased risk of developing breast cancer, osteoporosis, and gynecomastia. This condition affects around 1 in 1000 males.

How Does It Affect Male Breast Development?

Because the syndrome affects hormone levels, gynecomastia is common among men with Klinefelter’s syndrome. Unfortunately, once the breast tissue is established, it will not go away on its own.

Many men do not receive a diagnosis until later in life, when treatment for symptoms is more difficult without surgical intervention. Direct gynecomastia treatment is still possible, however.

Gynecomastia Treatment

Gynecomastia, unfortunately, only has one effective treatment currently: surgery. Liposuction is used to removed excess fat from the chest in the breast “cup” area. Following this, breast gland tissue is removed, if necessary, and all incisions closed.

Patients will require time for recovery and will need to follow the specific instructions of his surgeon for wearing a compression garment following surgery.

Find a Cosmetic Surgeon Specializing in Male Breast Reduction

If you’ve been diagnosed with a disorder that can cause gynecomastia, it may be a good idea to speak to your doctor about getting treatment for the problem. He or she can help advise you if it is safe and appropriate for you to undergo surgery.

If you’re ready to get help for your gynecomastia, it is crucial to find an expert to perform your procedure. Male breast reduction is a very specialized procedure, requiring the skills of an experienced cosmetic surgeon in order to produce a good outcome.

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