What a strange notion! When most gynecomastia patients reflect upon their condition, a wave of dread is most likely the impulse reaction. For the person that doesn’t know why they suffer from the condition, or how to treat it, this impulse is absolutely understandable.

So, we are here to inform and hopefully remove the dread and terror from the minds of our patients. Try thinking of it a different way…

Red Flag

Some of the time, gynecomastia is caused by a habit that leaves its mark in the form of unsightly man boobs upon the chest. This is the body’s way of telling you that all is NOT well in the current routine and something needs to change because the body doesn’t know what to do with the excess hormones being streamlined into the body.

Yes, having a female attribute manifest itself as a result of habit can be an uncomfortable thought, but it could be said that a woman would feel the same if a habit of hers brought a thick beard onto her face.

How Gynecomastia Can Be a Good Thing...A Habit That You Wouldn’t Suspect

Smoking marijuana can cause health problems. Yes, it’s true. In Texas, there have been patients coming into an Odessa hospital and being diagnosed with lumps in their breasts and gynecomastia. Smoking the plant can also cause lowered sperm count which is also a result of imbalanced hormones in the body.

Restore The Natural Order

The only treatment for true gynecomastia is surgery. It can be difficult to discuss the possibility of surgery, but it can improve lives for the better.

Our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team is highly regarded as some of the top surgeons in the New York area. They have been hailed as experts in gynecomastia surgery by their patients and have performed hundreds of these procedures.

If you want professional guidance, give our gynecomastia New York offices a call today. Our doctors will be able to help you fight this condition and restore the natural order.

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