Gynecomastia, also known as man boobs or moobs, is female breast development in men. Bodybuilders who use anabolic steroids may experience the condition as a side effect. Just like women, men naturally produce small amounts of estrogen for normal function.  However, when anabolic steroids are used, the body’s delicate natural balance of estrogen and testosterone is thrown off and changes may begin to occur immediately – after just one injection.

Bodybuilding and steroids advice from our gynecomastia New York NY surgeons from the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team.And the longer steroids are used, the higher the risk that gynecomastia will occur. The result of this extra estrogen is excess breast tissue, normally located behind the areola, causing protruding nipples.  In our gynecomastia New York practices, we help bodybuilders find their way to their best bodies.

When synthetic anabolic steroids are used, testosterone levels elevate very quickly.  The body’s natural response to the excess quantities of exogenous steroids is to convert this matter into estrogen through special enzymes at work in the body.  So, while the bodybuilder will see the muscle mass gain he desires, he may also see a permanent change in the glandular tissue of the breasts.

What is the bodybuilder to do when gynecomastia strikes?

Living with the condition is not an option for any man of any age.  Gynecomastia, although a physical condition, carries heavy emotional implications with it, even if you know the cause is steroid use.  In our gynecomastia NY offices, we have seen men with years of built-up frustration and men beaten down in their self-confidence – all due to trying to live with a condition that can be corrected in our surgical centers.  What probably shouldn’t be done is a quick halt of steroid use.

When steroid use is stopped abruptly, the chances of developing gynecomastia actually increase immediately.  Anabolic steroids cause the testicles to become dormant; to cease normal function.  After stopping the use of steroids, it still takes several months for the testicles to resume normal function.

During this time, there are also very low levels of anabolic hormones present because you’ve stopped injecting them.  This is the perfect set-up for estrogen to dominate and lead to excess breast tissue.  A better option is to seek medical attention for advice so that hormones can be better regulated.  To deal with the issue of excess breast tissue that persists once hormone levels return to normal, you could pay a visit to our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team.

Focus on Overall Health First

As a bodybuilder, you care about the appearance and the overall health of your body.  Using and subsequently stopping anabolic steroids carries risks for gynecomastia; but you don’t have to live with this confidence-eating condition.  The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team can help you eliminate both excess breast tissue and the burden it places on your body-image.

Laser-assisted techniques are used in our gynecomastia New York surgery centers, providing natural results with little down-time.  Contact us today to move towards restored confidence!