Men who suffer from embarrassing gynecomastia symptoms have excessive male breast tissue, leading to the enlargement of male boobs. While guys love breasts on women, seeing feminine curves on their own bodies is a whole different story.

Gynecomastia can affect males during infancy, puberty, and in adulthood. It is usually caused by a hormonal imbalance brought on by a stage of life, steroid use, obesity, or a number of other factors.

If you are dating a man who has gynecomastia or is developing soft mounds on his chest, you may know the crippling effects these symptoms have on him. Men generally do not complain about their bodies to others, so he will go to extreme lengths to cover his secret. He may wear baggy shirts at all times, even to the beach, and stop engaging in intimate acts with you.

If your mate suffers from gynecomastia, he may need a woman’s push to help him gain the motivation to seek advice about how to treat the condition. If you want to discuss gynecomastia surgery with your partner, here are some ideas on how to do it.

Approach Him Lightly

If you want professional guidance for you and your partner, give our gynecomastia New York and NYC gynecomastia offices a call today.Even though men look tough on the outside, they can harbor a feelings of pain and shame. The best way to start approaching the subject of your man’s gynecomastia is to start off by building his confidence and making him feel secure about the rest of his body. If you start discussing your own imperfections so that he can see your vulnerability, he might be willing to expose some of his own.

Educate Him

Once the topic has been brought up, you can start helping him to research his condition. Print out articles from the web about gynecomastia. Some good articles to leave him are stories of other men who suffer from the disease. Famous Hollywood stars and even macho bodybuilders and professional wrestlers have reported having gynecomastia.

Remember that pills and creams do not cure gynecomastia, so do not encourage him to buy so-called “treatments” that won’t work and leave him even more disappointed.

Help Him Get Rid of Man Boobs

The only treatment for gynecomastia is surgery. It can be difficult to discuss the possibility of surgery with your boyfriend or husband, but gynecomastia surgery will improve their lives for the better.

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team are highly regarded as some of the top surgeons in the New York area. They have been hailed as experts in gynecomastia surgery by their patients.

If you want professional guidance for you and your partner, give our gynecomastia New York offices a call today. Our doctors will be able to help you and your mate fight this self-esteem-robbing condition and reclaim his confidence.

To schedule an initial consultation so that you and your partner can learn more about male breast reduction, give our Long Island and NYC centers a call today. You both will be glad you did!