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As you may have seen on television commercials or in the news, the prescription medication Risperdal has been definitively linked to cases of gynecomastia in young men who took the drug.

In Pennsylvania last week, the first trial started for damages against the drug’s manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson’s (under the division Janssen Pharmaceuticals). In this particular case, an 8-year-old boy took the drug to treat autism and developed breasts as a result of the medication.

The drug can cause the body to produce a hormone called prolactin, which causes breast growth and milk production (even in men and boys). In a press release from an attorney’s office handling many New York state cases, about 1,257 lawsuits have already been filed in Pennsylvania so far.

The legal ramifications of the outcome of this trial may affect the pending lawsuits in the state due to setting a precedent for how the judges in other trials might also rule.

Making a Case for Gynecomastia Victims

As you can imagine, the lawsuit dives into all aspects of Janssen’s marketing methods and is trying to determine if they were negligent in any way of warning or informing doctors and patients of the risks of gynecomastia.

In the press release, court documents revealed that the lawsuit takes issue with Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Pharmaceuticals “improperly marketing the medication for off-label pediatric use” and “failing to warn” on its label that Risperdal can “cause female breast growth and lactation”.

Additionally, back in November 2013, the companies settled a prior lawsuit and agreed to pay out over two billion dollars in civil and criminal charges for improper marketing of several medications, including Risperdal. They also have been accused of paying doctors to preferentially prescribe their medications to patients.

The court documents in the Pennsylvania case also state that the risk of developing the condition was hidden by the pharma companies and grossly understated as being 1 in 1000 when the actual numbers were 1 in about 100.

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