Daddy Makeovers for Father’s Day

Most of us have heard of the Mommy Makeover by now, the combination of cosmetic surgery procedures designed to rejuvenate a woman’s body following pregnancy and breastfeeding and restore it to its pre-pregnancy state.

At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, our gynecomastia NYC & Long Island specialists are now treating men with similar treatments often referred to as the “Daddy Makeover” or “Daddy Do-Over”.

Gynecomastia NYC & Gynecomastia Long Island Patients Get Daddy Makeovers Gynecomastia NYC, Gynecomastia Long IslandOur Surgeons Perform Combo Procedures for Dads

Women often gain weight as they become mothers and it is not uncommon for men to gain weight too as they become fathers. Being a parent requires a lot of time, energy and effort and many women and men find that they simply don’t have the time or energy to take care of themselves and their bodies and stay in shape like they did before having kids.

Enter the Mommy Makeover and the Daddy Makeover. While Moms often opt for a combination of procedures like the tummy tuck, breast lift and breast augmentation to address pregnancy-related body issues, our gynecomastia NY surgeons are seeing an increasing number of dads requesting tummy tucks as well as male breast reduction surgery for the treatment of gynecomastia.

Male Tummy Tucks & Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia is a condition characterized by enlarged, female-like breasts in men. It often occurs in pubescent boys and older men as a result of hormonal changes, but may also be associated with weight gain, alcohol consumption, drug use, certain medications and certain medical conditions.

It is a surprisingly common condition, with as many as 50% of the world’s male population affected by some degree of gynecomastia. Our experts perform male breast reduction surgery using laser-assisted technology to remove excess fatty tissue, and manual excision of glandular tissue and/or skin for a flatter, more toned chest.

This can be combined with abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck surgery, to reduce a protruding belly as well as other procedures as desired.

To learn more about male breast reduction surgery, tummy tucks, or Daddy Makeovers or to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our expert surgeons, contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York today.