As a man, you may wonder if fashion matters. While you don’t have to be in tune with every seasonal trend, being well-dressed will make a good first impression and can even advance your professional career and personal life.

Men's Fall Fashion Trends

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The truth is, we are judged on our appearance, specifically how we dress and how we groom. You can give yourself an edge by being familiar with this year’s fashion trends. With putting just a little effort into your look, you can make a great first impression that will last.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some of fall’s hottest trends for men.


Cool colors are always great for autumn, and the trend for men is to play with color a bit. You may be used to sticking with neutral colors like black, gray, brown, and khaki, but consider trying a new color palette this fall.

Colors like deep emerald green, burgundy, and bright blue add interest to your look, which allows you to pull off classic styles while impressing with a more unique look.

Colored Corduroys

This classic and casual pant style comes in many different colors now, which is a great way to liven up your look. Keeping other colors neutral will tone down the effect of colored trousers.

Plaid & Camo

These prints are back in an array of variations and colors. Camo may apply to relatively familiar shapes and colors, but more fragmented, rethought prints are in as well. Plaid doesn’t change much, but it does come back into style – and right now it’s back.

“Statement” Scarves

While the rest of the outfit may be calm and classy, a great way to instantly add interest to a fall outfit is to pair it with a “statement” scarf, meaning a bold piece of neckwear that is interesting, textured, and/or colorful.

Black Leather

A men’s wardrobe staple, black leather looks great as outerwear. Choose coat and sweater pieces with leather accents, or choose a classic, full leather jacket for a piece that will never go out of style.

Dressing Yourself When You Have Gynecomastia

If you suffer from gynecomastia (enlarged male breasts), then you probably feel self-conscious in tighter-fitting clothes. While you can dress yourself in larger clothing to help hide the condition, your clothing can’t hide the shame you may feel over the problem.

You’re not alone! Many of our male patients tell similar stories of embarrassment and hiding from others by using baggy clothing. To learn more about a permanent solution to treating your gynecomastia, contact our New York City or Long Island offices to schedule a consultation, at no cost, to meet with our gynecomastia specialists today.