Gynecomastia is the over-development of male breast tissue. Many men worldwide suffer from this embarrassing condition.

There are many known causes of gynecomastia, including puberty, hormone imbalances, obesity, steroids, illegal drug use, and side effects from medications. Gynecomastia can also affect men in bodybuilding.


Pill Treatments for Gynecomastia?

A recent article published by the website SBWire claims that some of the best treatments for man boobs include pills, creams and powders. The article goes on to state that an unnamed 100% natural pill containing ingredients such as gugglesterones, chromium picolinate, green tea extract and theobromine cacao, will help men rid themselves of gynecomastia symptoms once and for all.


Do Pills Actually Work on Gynecomastia?

As medical professionals, we know that topical solutions such as lotions, creams and powders do not help cure gynecomastia. Neither do oral pills.

Gynecomastia is the effect of a hormonal imbalance brought on by a number of different factors. Once the male breast tissue has grown, it will not shrink. It will just keep on developing, unless the hormones are made to be in sync again.Do Pills Get Rid of Man Boobs?

Exercise will not help rid you of gynecomastia either. The only sure cure for this condition is male breast reduction surgery.


Male Breast Liposuction

The gynecomastia procedures offered at our New York locations will get rid of your man boobs once and for all.

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