In our gynecomastia New York practices, we meet men of all ages and walks of life who are dealing with sometimes crippling effects of the condition that leads to the development of man boobs.

Much of the time, guys will search for alternative therapies that claim to spot reduce breast fat in men before they visit a plastic surgeon. In some cases, excess fat may be caused by weight.  With this in mind, let’s look at the various treatment options men usually investigate before surgery.

Causes of Gynecomastia to Consider

Diet and exercise are integral components to a healthy lifestyle, regardless of whether gynecomastia is present.  If you notice that you seem to have a little something extra going on in the chest area, and you also are above your ideal body weight, there is the option to make diet and exercise changes to drop extra weight.

However, before offering up some specific exercises to tighten and tone the pectorals, it’s important to state that spot reduction of breast fat alone is impossible. Here are some of the causes of gynecomastia that we see in our own gynecomastia NY patients.

Hormonal Imbalance

Can you get rid of man boobs by spot reducing breast fat in men? Gynecomastia New York, NY Surgeon.Excess tissue in the male breast could be fat and skin; but could also be excess glandular tissue.  A man of otherwise normal body weight and proportion may also find himself facing the issue of man boobs; and should not make the assumption that he needs to attempt localized fat loss through diet and exercise.

In instances where gynecomastia is caused by underlying testosterone and estrogen imbalance, diet and exercise will not do the trick.

Is Spot Reduction of Breast Fat Possible?

Again, let’s be clear from the get-go that it is not possible to spot reduce fat in any part of the body, including the breasts.  When you seek to lose weight, fat will come off in an overall loss of inches and pounds on the body; and this is what is healthiest.  That being said, including specific chest tightening exercises into your weekly routine may help you determine for sure if weight is behind the extra tissue in the breasts.

Muscular Toning

One popular exercise for men is the incline dumbbell fly.  To accomplish this exercise, you will sit back on an incline bench that is leaned back at about a 45 degree angle.  Holding a dumbbell in each hand, raise them up towards the ceiling, positioning them above the chest when arms are straight.  From this position, lower dumbbells out to each side until they are almost at chest level; then raise back to the elevated position.

Bending the elbows during this exercise may create more comfort and prevent strain on elbows and shoulders.  Each set should include 8-10 repetitions.  Work up to three sets and increase weight as is appropriate. The chest fly may also be performed using weight machines in your local gym.  Other chest-building exercises include simple push-ups, and chest presses using either equipment or dumbbells.

It is important to mention that men with gynecomastia will notice that as they build muscle in the chest, the gynecomastia will become more pronounced because the muscles are pushing outward on the excessive breast tissue. This is a good indicator that surgical intervention is the only answer to correcting the condition.

Always consult with a training professional and a doctor before starting any exercise plan.

Will Weight Loss Help to Get Rid of Man Boobs?

Losing weight may help to eliminate excess fat on the body, and strength training will increase metabolism.  You should never take drastic measures with your diet and exercise to address the condition of gynecomastia.  Understanding that there may be causes beyond weight has helped many of our gynecomastia New York patients seek the help they really need, which is surgical correction.

Living with gynecomastia is not the best option for any man.  This condition steals confidence and can sometimes lead a man to isolate himself.  When you have gynecomastia, your best option is explore all of the options you have!  Contact us to book a free consultation with our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team to investigate the details about surgical correction in our gynecomastia NY centers.