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Many men struggle with overdeveloped breast tissue, but almost none want to admit to the problem. Unfortunately, gynecomastia can occur in any phase of life, and while some cases do resolve themselves after a few years (such as during adolescence), other men experience permanent breast growth.

When male breasts are there to stay, the only effective treatment is male breast reduction surgery with a qualified cosmetic or plastic surgeon. Surgery is a big decision to make, and one that men should not rush into without considering the pros and cons carefully.

If you are struggling with gynecomastia, then you’re probably suffering from self-esteem and confidence problems. No matter which direction you take in your journey, you’ll probably want to minimize the appearance of your enlarged breasts as much as possible.

Here are some easy (temporary) methods for hiding gynecomastia.

Chest Wrapping

Using a soft bandage to wrap your chest is an old trick, but it works. Be sure to wrap the chest tightly enough to compress your gynecomastia, but not so tightly that you are uncomfortable or that it interferes with blood flow to the area.


A popular option for hiding gynecomastia is male shapewear. Compression shirts, vests, and tank tops are available for disguising the chest, and flattening enlarged male breasts into a more masculine shape. These garments are generally worn beneath other clothing and can be very effective.

Large & Multiple Shirts

Baggy shirts can help hide the signs of gynecomastia, as the definition of the chest will be less obvious underneath the fabric. This method is particularly effective when a very tight shirt is worn beneath the baggy layer. During the winter, sweaters, scarves, and outerwear can add yet another layer of camouflage.

Dark Colors & Patterns

Dark colors tend to draw less attention to problem areas of the body, and patterns can be distracting enough that people are less likely to notice. Try pairing dark colored, patterned shirts for better results.

Sick of Hiding it?

Keeping your gynecomastia a secret is hard work, and can prevent you from enjoying normal activities in some cases.

If you’re fed up with hiding your enlarged male breasts, then it may be time to seek help from a gynecomastia expert. Our specialists are based in New York City and Long Island, and offer skilled male breast reduction surgery to men who are ready to take charge and get great results.

They can work with you to determine if you are a good candidate for gynecomastia treatment. To schedule your free consultation, call either location today.