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For many men with gynecomastia, the need for surgery is fairly obvious. Significant male breast enlargement can cause many severe psychological repercussions, including low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and embarrassment over the feminine appearance of the chest.

However, not all gynecomastia produces pronounced breasts, and instead makes the areola and nipple area appear puffy. This is simply a less severe grade of gynecomastia.

While this appearance does not bother some men, it can produce the same kinds of feelings and anxiety in others that severe gynecomastia does. Large areolas can also cause embarrassment.

For minor gynecomastia such as this, is there a way to improve the appearance of the areola and nipples with surgery?

How Male Breast Reduction Surgery Works

In a typical gynecomastia surgery, a gentle liposuction technique is used to first resolve excess fat that may be making the chest appear large and more feminine looking. Following this, excision techniques may be used to get rid of excess breast gland tissue.

This tissue will not go away on its own and must be removed by a surgeon. This is why other remedies for gynecomastia are ineffective. Through the surgical process, the areola may shrink slightly, but some men are looking for a significant reduction.

Areola Reduction Surgery for Men

Areola reduction is possible; however, there are some concerns with the surgery. First, the nature of the incision carries some risk for scarring. An incision must be made directly along the border of the areola area to perform the reduction, which can result in stretching or scarring.

The best course of action, in some cases, may be to wait until the final results of gynecomastia surgery are apparent, then assess the areola size at that time. In any case, choosing an expert cosmetic or plastic surgeon is crucial to success and he or she will advise you properly on what is needed to get you the best results.

A Gynecomastia Specialist’s Advice

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