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While rumors fly surrounding Bruce Jenner’s various cosmetic surgeries and increasingly feminine appearance, Hollywood Life claims that Jenner isn’t happy with at least one aspect of his new look: his “man boobs.”

The “Moobs”

As a former Olympic athlete, Bruce Jenner knows what it’s like to be in peak physical condition. As a reality star show, he also knows what it’s like to be judged by the general public, and he’s not happy about his new “moobs.”

“Bruce is definitely concerned with his looks and always has been. …[Being on] the show made him more hyper-aware. Certain angles make him look like he has ‘man boobs.’ He knows that, and he hates it,” Hollywood Life‘s source stated.

Why Did Bruce Jenner Get Man Boobs?

Gynecomastia can be triggered by a number of factors. Male breast development occurs when estrogen levels are higher than testosterone levels, thus disrupting the hormonal balance in the body. This can occur during different life phases or due to certain medical conditions, some prescription drugs, or illegal drug use.

Older men often struggle with the problem due to a hormone shift after the age of 50. On an unrelated note, athletes that have used anabolic steroids or other hormone-based supplements can trigger gynecomastia to occur. It can be very distressing for any man who is used to being in good physical condition to start developing male breasts.

Gynecomastia Treatment Options

Unfortunately for men suffering from gynecomastia, there is only one effective treatment for enlarged male breasts: surgery. Male breast reduction involves liposuction of the chest and removal of excess breast gland tissue. When performed by an experienced specialist, the results are permanent and virtually scarless. Additionally, recovery time is short so the patient can get back to life.

Male Breast Reduction Specialists You Can Trust

If you find yourself struggling with breast development, you should consider seeking treatment with a qualified cosmetic or plastic surgeon that specializes in male breast reduction surgery for gynecomastia. Though this condition affects nearly half of all men at some phase of life, there are very few doctors with the expertise to treat the problem.

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