Breast Tenderness and How to Deal With It

Our New York Breast Surgeons Help Our Gynecomastia NYC & Long Island Patients Overcome Breast TendernessOur New York breast surgeons see men with varying degrees of gynecomastia, a condition also known as man boobs. In some cases, breast or nipple tenderness may also be present.

In the eyes of general medicine, neither man boobs nor tenderness of the male breast is seen as a serious health condition, and there is little useful information for how to get rid of man boobs.

Indeed, there are no great physical ramifications to the disorder. We have seen in our gynecomastia NYC and Long Island practices, however, that men of all ages suffer great emotional turmoil when they attempt to live with enlarged male breasts and the tenderness that may accompany gynecomastia.

Triggers for Man Boob Development

There are several gynecomastia triggers that a man may experience throughout his life. Essentially, we teach patients that the end result of a trigger is some sort of hormonal imbalance.

When the male and female hormones get imbalanced, there is a real possibility that breasts will begin to grow, resulting in some degree of tenderness. In our practices, our aim is to resolve the immediate problem and help our patients find long-lasting confidence in their bodies.

Causes of Breast Tenderness

The hormonal imbalances that increase the risk of gynecomastia may occur from:

  1. Puberty – Fluctuating hormones during adolescence can bring about excess breast tissue in boys. Many believe that adolescent gynecomastia will resolve on its own within two to three years, but we have found that a large number of our adult patients have lived with man boobs since their teen years. The emotional toll on body image during this time is immense, causing many teen boys to become depressed. Whether occurring in a teen or an adult, gynecomastia should be treated in order to avoid the great psychological cost.

  2. Aging – As men grow older, testosterone is produced in lower amounts. As this natural reduction occurs, there is an elevated risk that gynecomastia with breast tenderness may develop after age 50.

  3. Excessive alcohol use – Studies have shown that alcohol makes it difficult for the liver to process estrogen in the body.

  4. Drugs – Both recreational and prescription drugs may trigger hormonal imbalance, causing enlarged male breasts. Specifically, anabolic steroids used in body building, and anti-androgens, medications which impede the effectiveness of male hormones, can trigger gynecomastia. However, also increasing risk are tricyclic anti-depressants, certain heart medications and certain antibiotics, chemotherapy, AIDS medication, methadone, amphetamines, and heroin.

Help for Gynecomastia

Living with enlarged male breasts is not something any man wants to do. Unfortunately, there is such as mix of information readily available, it is easy to feel that you caused your own demise, that the condition will resolve itself, or that you can take a magic pill to get rid of man boobs.

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