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Underlying Causes of Gynecomastia – Propecia

Our Gynecomastia Experts Explain the Link Between Man Boobs & Propecia

In every case we address in our gynecomastia NYC & Long Island practices, we discover there is some underlying cause of the disorder.  In many instances, heredity is at the root of man boobs, often causing tubular shaped breasts.

When medications are concerned, the most commonly seen culprit is steroid use.  However, there are other prescription medications that have been found to bring on the appearance of excess breast tissue in men.

As of late, Propecia is one of the medications discovered to do so.  Propecia is a medication aimed at correcting male pattern baldness.

Links between Propecia and Gynecomastia

Our Gynecomastia NYC & Gynecomastia New York Experts Explain the Link Between Gynecomastia & PropeciaPropecia, or finasteride in its generic form, has been used quite effectively in younger men who are experiencing the onset of hair loss.  Sadly, there is a small percentage of this younger group whose bodies have responded to the drug with a buildup of breast tissue.

No formal studies have been conducted, and there is unfortunately no way to determine which patients are at higher risk of developing gynecomastia from Propecia.   Should a patient experience the onset of gynecomastia due to the consumption of any medication, the likelihood of the condition self-correcting is very low.

We can address the condition in our gynecomastia New York practices and help the male patient return to a state of confidence.

Patients who currently taking this medication to remedy baldness should discuss the issue of gynecomastia with their personal physician to determine if the medication should be stopped.

In many cases, patients who have reshaped their torso through gynecomastia surgery have been able to resume taking Propecia without a recurrence of man boobs.  However, to take the safest route, it may be beneficial to seek alternative treatment for baldness after surgery in our gynecomastia treatment facility.

Considering Male Breast Reduction Surgery with Us?

Deciding to have surgery is a choice that shouldn't be taken lightly.  We have treated many patients who first attempted to spot reduce fat in the chest area through diet and exercise.

It is important to understand that you have done nothing "wrong" to cause man boobs to develop.  The body sometimes responds to life factors in ways that simply cannot be predicted, as is the case with the use of medications.

Knowing that treatment is available, and that through such treatment, gynecomastia is permanently eliminated, gives you reason to feel hopeful.

Predicting the Results of Treatment

In our gynecomastia NYC & Long Island practices, we consult at length with each and every patient in order to devise the best plan of action.  We encourage patients to bring in images of themselves before gynecomastia changed the contours of their bodies.

This way, we can best plan and predict the results that can be achieved with surgery.  In cases where the condition has been caused by medication, predicting the outcome is a bit easier due to the fact that there is evidence of a pre-gynecomastia physique.

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