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Can Soy Cause Gynecomastia?

Our Team Explains The Possible Link Between Soy And Gynecomastia

For any man with gynecomastia, a search for the cause is one of the first actions they usually take.  Naturally, we want to determine the cause of what ails us so that we can then find a suitable cure.

The presence of excess breast tissue, or “man boobs”, is traumatic and requires attention.  While it is important to search for a possible cause, it is also important not to develop the assumption that there is a cure in simply avoiding any certain food, taking a magic pill or just working out harder.

If you suffer from gynecomastia, you have likely heard hundreds of ideas on how to treat the condition.  That is, if you have spoken with anyone about your condition or sought a medical opinion.

Many of our patients report they lived with excess breast tissue for years, not knowing what to do about it or who to talk to.  The condition is rather embarrassing, understandably, but usually there is nothing that they have done to specifically cause it.

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Looking for Links in Soy-Laden Foods and Drinks

Diet, drugs such as steroids, excess weight and other herbal or dietary substances are often looked at as potential causes of gynecomastia and are discussed in our male breast reduction New York and Manhattan practices. Soy, in particular, is a natural substance that has been linked to estrogen.

In reality, there are hundreds of foods that contain natural phytoestrogens. Part of a category of plant-produced chemicals called phytohormones, phytoestrogens will mimic or interact with the hormones naturally surging through the human body.

For years, scientists have studied the link between soy products and a multitude of conditions, man boobs being one of them. Only a handful of results have pointed to products such as soy milk or tofu as potential causes of gynecomastia, with one study of a 60 year old man showing elevated female hormone levels decreasing after he stopped drinking soy milk (study obtained from

More than Meets the Eye

For the most part, it seems we do not have enough evidence to be convinced of the link between gynecomastia and soy products. In order to establish the link, there needs to be more studies and ample evidence supported by medical literature, something that isn't easy to gather.

Does this mean that you must completely avoid soy products or other foods rich in phytoestrogens?

Doing so would not solve the issue of gynecomastia and be extremely difficult. Phytoestrogens are found in a wide variety of foods such as coffee, potatoes, carrots, beans, rice, wheat, parsley, cherries and garlic.

With all the foods that contain this component, we would expect many more men in our male breast reduction New York practice to be seeking treatment.

Our Gynecomastia Team's Final Opinion

For the time being, it is believed that gynecomastia is influenced neither positively nor negatively by diet, or changes therein. However, we do not recommend consuming an excess of any one type of food or drink such as soy products; too much of a good thing isn’t always good for you.

Further, because there is a very effective treatment available, men now have the ability to get rid of man boobs for good and return to a state of total confidence in their body.

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