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Recovery After Gynecomastia Surgery

The most commonly asked question we get from our male breast reduction patients is this: “Will I be happy with the surgery results?” The answer is always a confident, “Absolutely!”

We know that you'll be pleased with the results because our past patients are happy with the way they look after surgery. Even with some post-surgical swelling, patients are still amazed to see the vast difference in their new physique. We provide patients with in-depth post-operative instructions to facilitate a fast and safe healing process.

Take a look at what our other patients have to say on our testimonials page and browse our gynecomastia surgery before and after photos. Our surgeons have performed countless procedures. Our surgical suites in Long Island are AAAHC accredited because safety is our number one concern.

About Your Results

You likely already have an idea of how your body should look after surgery. Please discuss this with one of our surgeons (and feel free to bring in pictures of yourself from before you developed gynecomastia) so they can help gauge your expectations after surgery.

Discussing your expectations will give the surgeon a better understanding of what your body looked like before and help them to understand what your goals are for your new, post-surgery body. It's a good idea to discuss the toll that the condition has taken on you physically and mentally to help us also understand your complete set of expectations.

After Gynecomastia Surgery: Results and BeyondWhat to Expect After Surgery

Some of our patients fret over the amount of swelling post-surgery, if their results will be symmetrical on both sides or if they will truly feel comfortable again in certain situations. These are normal concerns and our surgeons can help you understand what to expect during the procedure as well as afterwards.

We see patients all the time who are used to checking themselves in the mirror throughout the day and adjusting their shirts and jackets constantly. Once their surgery is done, they are so pleased that the inclination to do these things starts to fade as they become more confident with their new body.

Though surgery won't give you the body you had when you were 18 (or turn you magically into an underwear model) it will give you a normal appearance again. Once the excess fatty tissue and/or excessive glandular tissue have been removed, your pecks will have a normal contour and shape.

For those who have been body building, you will be able to see more of the muscle tissue underneath the skin and areola (the area surrounding the nipple). For many men who have avoided working out due to embarrassment or to the chafing and irritation that gynecomastia can cause, this is a huge turning point in their lives.

We find that many of our male breast reduction patients begin working out again for the first time in years!

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In follow-up appointments with our patients, we hear lots of wonderful stories about how their distress and embarrassment is gone and that they once again feel free to live their lives without holding back. That's why we love what we do; to improve your well-being and self-confidence!

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