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Overcoming the Psychological Effects of Gynecomastia

How to Overcome the Psychological Effects of Gynecomastia

If you are living with Gynecomastia, and have been for a while, then you know that it is more than just a physical condition. Your mind has also taken a hit throughout the years and it weighs heavily on you every day. At our gynecomastia New York centers, we know just how bad it can be and want nothing more than to help you.

The biggest step in overcoming the psychological effects of gynecomastia is addressing that they are there. For so long you have felt embarrassed or ashamed of your condition and it has affected who you are as a person. You’ve hidden the “real you” underneath layers of anxiety, but it is time to bring that man out again!

Surgery Fixes the Outward Self – The Inward Self Still Needs Attention

Before going in for surgery, seeking a therapist may be a smart decision to make. This will help you begin the full transformation out of gynecomastia before the procedure even occurs, therefore making the results of your new chest even more satisfying.

A therapist may sound daunting or embarrassing, but the truth is, they are incredibly valuable in helping you establish new and deserved self-confidence. Many emotions and thoughts are most likely floating around in your head, because of your condition, such as:

  • Embarrassment
  • Shame
  • Low self-esteem
  • Distress
  • Decreased feeling of masculinity
  • Sexually undesirable
  • Depression

Family Is There For A Reason

For our gynecomastia New York patients who are still in the adolescent stage of life and experiencing this condition, it is incredibly crucial for the family to be involved and supportive of what is occurring. This period is a trying and difficult time, especially without having to deal with the added stress of male breast enlargement.

If you have already passed through the teenage years and have started your adult life, maybe you now have a family of your own, then it will be those closest to you who need to know what is going on in your life in regards to your condition. Having a strong support team around you is what will really bring you through with full confidence to the other side of gynecomastia.

Break Out Of Your Old Thoughts With The Help Of Our Team!

At our gynecomastia NYC and Long Island facilities, our team aims to give you the masculine shape and mindset you deserve! We know it is possible for you to step out of the shadows of embarrassment; we’ve done it for thousands of other patients. We will conquer the physical as you and your family takes on the psychological.

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