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Gynecomastia Causes and Treatment for Teens

As if the teen years weren’t difficult enough with bodily changes, mood swings, and acne…many young men are also experiencing the embarrassment of gynecomastia (male breast enlargement, man boobs or “moobs”). This can be crippling for teenage boys and can take quite a toll on their social and physical well-being.

We see teen patients in our gynecomastia offices who have suffered from avoiding PE class, sports activities and even social situations. It’s hard to know when treatment is appropriate for a teen and we normally recommend against corrective surgery until 2 years has passed except if the child is under severe psychological stress.

Video: What is Gynecomastia and What Causes It?


Gynecomastia in teens is generally caused by the hormonal changes associated with this time of life. In males, there are three times in their lives when this condition can most commonly start: infancy, adolescence, and over the age of 50.

The condition presents itself in many different ways depending upon the severity and the type of tissue that is abnormally growing. We see male breast reduction patients from every walk of life; this condition doesn’t choose favorites.

Teen boys may find that just their nipples have protruded abnormally (due to excessive growth of the breast gland tissue) while others may experience too much fatty tissue resembling female breasts or a combination of both.

Though many of our teen patients’ physicians insist on waiting for up to 3 years before considering corrective surgery, our younger patients are understandably wary of waiting for years to correct the problem. Additionally, from the parents’ perspective it is extremely difficult to see their child suffering from the embarrassment of gynecomastia. That’s why more families are making the decision to have correction surgery.

Our goal is to provide our male breast reduction teen patients with being able to:

  • Give them a body contour they can be proud of.
  • Get back into sports and other physical activities where chafing, irritation and embarrassment used to stop them in their tracks.
  • Have their self-confidence back so they can take part in social events once again.
  • Wear properly fitted clothing instead of hiding under baggy shirts.

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Surgery may not be for everyone, but for those who feel that this is the best option, our gynecomastia surgeons can help. We have caring doctors and staff who will make you feel comfortable and help you realize that what you’re suffering from is common and easily correctable.

Surgery is minimally invasive and provides you with lasting results.

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