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Taking Everything Into Account

The Importance Of Understanding Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is a condition that has the potential to turn a man from a confident superhero into a hiding hermit.  We see many men in our New York practices who have come to us after years of hiding.

Sadly, too many men lack the type of understanding about their condition to see they have no fault in what is happening with their body.  In most cases, gynecomastia has no tell-tale cause and no correction other than that of surgery.

Exercise Will Not Cure Gynecomastia

Thinking that the condition will resolve on its own, that you have done something to cause it, or that you can "work it off" through exercise or strict dieting has likely lead you to wear more shirts than is necessary.

Rather than continue on the same path, visit our gynecomastia New York practices and work with our specialists on the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team to determine a cause, if possible. More importantly, working towards correction is what is needed.

“Attention to Detail” is Our Motto

Many men who come into our office have a singular purpose - to rid their body of man boobs. This is understandable, because the condition is quite disturbing to the male ego.

However, the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team takes all things into account when assessing a patient for the correction of gynecomastia. By doing this, they can determine if there are other surrounding areas that may also benefit from treatment.

What Torsoplasty Can Do for Male Breast Reduction

Torsoplasty is a treatment that more and more men are seeking, as the abdomen is directly related to the appearance of the chest.  When gynecomastia is corrected, it has been found, patients may then notice that their mid-section and chest area appear to be out of proportion.

When the chest is sculpted, it doesn't necessarily mesh with a round mid-section.  When the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team performs torsoplasty, they correct gynecomastia and then address the abdomen, love handles, and any other small pockets of residual fat that may gain attention all in one simple procedure, rather than two.

Gynecomastia: An Issue of Weight

Gynecomastia has several possible causes, one being obesity.  Patients are advised to be close to their recommended body weight prior to male breast reduction surgery in order to maximize the results.

Neither gynecomastia surgery nor torsoplasty are intended for the reduction of weight, and optimal results of either procedure come from the maintenance of weight through a balanced diet and regular exercise regimen.

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